Energy Curtain

Energy savings up to 68%

Most modern greenhouses are completed with some type of curtain system. Venlo developed a greenhouse package to extensively reduce the high heating costs. All of our structures are designed to accept single our double layer overhead systems and all walls are designed to accept roll-up curtains. Used for energy conservation and light control, our modern, mechanized curtain systems are indispensable.

The curtain systems supplied by us do meet the most demanding requirements. The cloth is carefully selected to perform the task needed by the grower and all parts are chosen for there quality, performance and durability.

The systems are typically used for:

  • Shading; reducing the amount of light by 10% to 75%.
  • Black-out; up to 99% photo-period control, with energy savings up to 90%.
  • Energy retention; energy savings up to 72%.
  • Climate control; to create an optimal growing environment.

Single or double systems may be installed, each with the full capability of covering not only the overhead portion of the greenhouse, but also the side and gable walls.

Many variations of cloth are available for specific circumstances, such as location, climate and crop. Some of the characteristics cloth can have are:

Extensive UV stability

  • Condensation free (no water bags)
  • Minimum shrinkage
  • High energy savings
  • Firebreak or Flame retardant

All overhead systems have a rack & pinion drive system with push-pull tubes to move the aluminum leading edge to their starting and ending position. This guarantees a trouble-free operation, day in, day out, year after year.

The motor units that are used to operate the curtain system have dependable, low speed gear boxes. They are provided with remote controlled reversing and limit switches. Operation may be activated by timer, thermostats or computer.

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