VENLO glass roof venting systems

1 compare pageAmong growers in the industry VENLO style greenhouses are considered the most economical and the best quality glass glazed greenhouse structures. With ventilation vents staggered in the on both sides of the ridge to achieve up to 25% ventilation.

CABRIO glass roof venting systems

2 compare pageWith the same high quality standards, and the same economical price as the VENLO style, we are now manufacturing a "CABRIO 1 IN 3 peaks vented" glass greenhouse, achieving up to 33% ventilation. If double poly roof cover is preferred, this would be even more economical.


The 2 CABRIO venting systems, the "CABRIO ALL peak vented" and the "CABRIO 1 IN 3 peak vented", have been compared by greenhouse owners, and the results where that the temperatures can be kept the same in both types of venting systems. Only a few days during mid summer when temperatures approaching 100 degree F, a 2 to 3 degree F difference is measured.