1 in 3 Cabrio Greenhouse: The Best Of Both Worlds!

open roof greenhouse 1Venlo offers tempered glass or poly, it is the most cost-effective greenhouse currently on the market! With this special roof design we combine the quality advantage of an open roof with the economical advantage of a Venlo greenhouse. The effect of ventilation is close, almost equal to, the cabrio venting system. Optimal control over the climate within the greenhouse resulting in a harder and nicer crop for nearly the price of a Venlo house. An ideal solution for growers of, for example, perennials, baskets and other potted plants.


  • Design and fabrication of all parts are done by Venlo
  • Bay spacing: 10.00' (3.00m), 12.00', 13.125', 14.75'
  • Gutter heights are standard from 14.50' to 21.00'. Other heights available.
  • Snow load is standard based on a 30 lbs load, with in addition crop load, live load and wind load. Load will be tailored to local requirements.
  • Steel structures are all galvanized after fabrication.
  • High quality aluminum roof, with a special designed aluminum gutter.
  • Both glass and poly can be installed on this roof!
  • Triple strength tempered glass is placed on the roof. Glass is supported on all four sides.
  • Exterior gladding is all done with special designed aluminum extrusions.
  • Each of the opening roof peaks is individual operated with a motorized gear box.
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Truss sizes

  • 24.00' / 7.315m - 2 peaks
  • 26.25' / 8.00m - 2 peaks
  • 36.00' / 10.973m - 3 peaks
  • 39.37' / 12.00m - 3 peaks
  • 42.00' / 12.80m - 4 peaks

Venlo Greenhouse open roofConstruction

As we have our own building crews, we can take care of the complete project. From the initial design to the construction of your greenhouse.
Projects are installed according to job specifications, in a timely manner and with customers satisfaction as the highest goal.
We can also supply just the materials for the job, with or without supervisors.