Heating systems

greenhouse heating venlo 2Nothing seems to be more important in wintertime than a dependable heating system. We have all our heating systems tailored for each individual project and situation and are designed with the following objectives in mind:

Appropriate amount of heat to be available to the crop grown.
Simple and efficient in both, operation and installation.
Uniform heat distribution throughout the greenhouse.
Accurate heat control with quick response to the exterior climate.

greenhouse heatingWe use three basic heating systems:

Pressurized hot water Boiler system.
In addition to a Boiler system, use of excess industrial energy.
Hot air unit heaters.

Pressurized hot water system
Especially for larger greenhouses, pressurized hot water piping systems offer the most energy efficient heating available. The layout of the heating tubes are designed according to the "Tichelmann system" to have the most equal temperature throughout the greenhouse. The heating tubes are to be placed overhead, around the outside walls and optionally, they can be placed in the floor or under benches.

Industrial energy
To increase the economics for heating greenhouses, waste burning facilities, waste belt gas or surplus energy from industrial plants are commonly used in our designs.

greenhouse heating venloUnit heaters
In some cases, oil, gas or hot water unit heaters may prove to be more economical, especially for smaller greenhouses. These to are engineered to be placed in the greenhouse at the most efficient location with the most economical size.

venlo heat systemBoiler room
Venlo pays special attention to the design and installation of the boiler room system. Components are sized and tuned for optimum efficiency. We can connect the heating system to existing boilers, modernize the existing boiler room using our design, or deliver a brand new boiler room system. The boiler room may consist out of the following components:

  • Boilers with Oil or Gas Burners and Shunt pumps.
  • Expansion vessel with diaphragm and compressor.
  • Mixing groups with valves and circulation pumps.
  • Frequency controlled transport pumps.
  • Flue gas condenser.
  • Co-generation.

For these heating systems, we constantly aim to supply the customer with low running and low maintenance costs with optimal efficiency.